[Trans] 100918 WGM Goguma ep24

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Trans by j2dlee @ soompi <3  


Chuseok Special: The WGM horror show

Hyun: It’s so hot.
Yong: No one’s coming-
Y: we’re always punctual.
H: Yes.
Y&H: YEA~ (hip-hop greeting?)

Other couples join them
Y: It’s a bit awkward….

(In a bus)
Jokwon: Where’re we going by the way?
Y: Battle Royal! Battle Royal! A war!

Mission Card: As the Korean biggest holiday (Chusuck) is coming, today we’re holding the ‘WGM strongest couple tournament’ to give lots of joy and laughs to the WGM viewers.

JK: How long have you guys been married?
Nichkhun: 2 months.
Y: Half a year.
H: Yes, 6 months…

(Jungshin gets on the bus)
Y: Jungshin? Why?!
Adam: Did you know he’s coming?
Y: No.
Jungshin is a special MC for today’s tournament.
JK (pointing to the red circle): What is this?
JS: That I k-k-k-know.
Y: Ah, Jungshin-a. You look very uncomfortable.
Y(to Hyun): He’s really nervous now, seeing so many celebrities- Look at him sweating, he never sweats.

JS explains the games, prize, etc, only looking at his hyung. 
Y: Stop looking at me, Jungshin-
The rule of the game: stay in a red circle for 1min.
Y: Jungshin-a, come over here. It’s okay, just try not to overdo it.
JS: I’m nervous…
Y: It’s okay, wait for a bit.

Yong’s turn
H: Yong fighting!
JS: He (Y) appears to have the slowest reflexes out of all (three men).
Y: What’s the use of competing against Beastly Idols (Jimseung-dol)? 
Y: Speed bump! Speed bump! Oh, yea!
H: No, no, no!
JS: 31 sec!

JK’s turn
JS: Encouragement from a wife?
Gain: If you fall, I’ll be here to catch (embrace) you.
Y: When we’ve been married for a year, can (we) be like you? 

NK’s turn
Y: There are kids outside, they’ll be thinking; ‘What is NK from 2PM doing in a bus wearing a helmet?’
NK win! 100 points to the couple!
JS: We’re almost there, will take a short break.

(on top of the bus: Welcome to the special horror show)
MC Park: But the couples have no idea!

JK: Where are we?
Y: It looks like a school…
JK: It looks a bit….It’ll be scary at night. 
JK: I don’t think it’s in use.

Husbands are playing, doing a performance (?) while waiting for their wives to come out.
JS: This first round is sit-ups.
JS: Encouragement from the wives?
Victoria: Appa (daddy), fighting!
H: Yong, fighting-
MC Park: Yong seems struggling.
H: Well done.
Y: Where am I…?

NH 76, Y 41, JK 71. Now the wives’ turn.

Y (counting): twenty-nine, FORTY!
JS: Now, how many?
NK: 29.
Y: 40.
H:…? Isn’t it 30…?
NH: She’s done 28.
Gain, 16.

Another 100 points to the Khuntoria couple.

JS: The second round, a wrestling! 200 points for this one.
Y: I think this tournament is for Khuntoria.
JK: I agree!
Vic: I did wrestling before.
Y: Really?
Vic: Yes, with Narsha (from BEG).
Y: Did you win?
Vic: Yes, I was a champion.
Y: Did you hear that? She was the champion!

NK vs.JK

Y: Wow, why am I nervous?
NK wins.
Gain: Are you okay? Should we go to the hospital?
Y: Now I have to wrestle with NK!

NK vs. Yong
JS: I think this game will finish in 5secs.
MC Park: I think Yong will lose.
Y: Did I win?

Vic vs. Gain
Vic wins in 3secs.
Y: What happened? I didn’t even see it.

Vic vs. Hyun
Y: Seo Hyun, show your power!
Hyun wins!
Y: Seo Hyun-a!
Na Young: How come this couple are so good at wrestling?
Y: She is a little giant!

Khuntoria 200pts, Yongseo 200pts. Adam 0pts.
JS: The next round is a relay race… with 300 points…the rule is….hang on a minute…
Y: Now you know how hard MCing is? Don’t you criticize me from now on.

Khuntoria win.
Y: When I was younger, used to be in a relay race team.
JK: Same here. If it were not with this darn sack…!

Khuntoria 500pts, Yongseo 200pts, Adam 0pts.

After dinner, in a room
JS: Next is a popularity poll. Seo Hyun, please go inside and follow the instruction.

Mission Card: It only has been a warm-up, the real horror show to determine the strongest couple will start now (It wasn’t a popularity poll after all. Just to tell each one about their ‘horror’ missions).

The light goes out…the voice says: ‘The horror show begins now… Everyone be quiet….’

NK: Please don’t do this to us….
JS: Now, the real tournament for the strongest couple starts. The couple who clear the each course fastest will be the winner with a prize.

Yongseo goes first, then Khuntoria, and Adam

JS: You start with the first floor, go through every room and up to the second floor then come back here. 

The voice: It’s time to start. We’ll start with the first couple, Yongseo.

JS: Even I’m scared.
MC Park: But when they went to the ghost house the other time, he totally depended on her.
Seulong: He was so terrified.
NY: He should redeem himself this time.

(Hyun screams)
Gain: I really don’t like this.
JK: Let’s memorize where she screams.
MC Park: Wait, can we expect some skinship from the couples?
MC Park: They (Yongseo) are already holding hands.
MC Kim: You should, definitely!

Yongseo enters the building.

Y: There is a ghost.
H: First, a kitchen…
MC Park: It’s really dark! You can’t see anything in this darkness.
H: Oohahurr….!
Y: You stand behind my back.
H: No, I’m okay.
MC Park: Oh, Yonghwa is different today. 
Y: Stand behind.
Y: Come out!
NY: I’m scared, shall we watch holding hands?
SO: What?! No, I mean…

Yongseo enters the room
Yong hubby leading his wife!

Y: Come out.
MC Park: The camera can see them, but they can’t see anything in this darkness.
H (screams): I’m startled!
NY: It’s always the sound that’s scarier.

Yong answers the phone
Yong: Yes?
The voice: Pull one string from the four, and check your mission.
Yong: What string? Where?
H: Be careful, be careful.
NY: Isn’t it a snake?
H: Ew…… what is it?
Y: A snake.
Y: Is it a sausage (sundae) or a snake?
MC Park: I thought it’s a sundae, too (*sundae: a type of sausage made of meet and bean curd stuffed in pig intestine)
Y &H: We’ve got it!
Y: A couple photo? With what?
H: There’s a parcel to find. 
Y: Pay attention to where the light is?

The second room, a shower room.
MC Park: A shower room!
Y: Will be the parcel inside the curtain?
H: Yes.
Y: You stay here.
NY: Don’t open it, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t!
H (screams): Kyaaaaah!!!!! I’m scared!!!
(Other couples: what’s happening out there?)
H (found the granny ghost): Kyaaah!!!!
Y: Grandmother, go back to your place.
Y: Well done, granny.
MC Park: Omo,omo,omo, Yong hwa is really brave.
But then all the male panelists start commenting that he’s hiding his fear that way, he’s actually scared too…..
H (to granny): Well done….
Y: She really startled me.
Y: Is that it? Be careful.
H: Yes, there’s a parcel.
Y: Haha, this is Seo Hyun’s favourite.
H: Uh? It’s Keroro!
Y: Do you want it?
H: Haha!
H: Let’s check the parcel first, since there’s a light.

A couple t-shirt for the photo shot.
H: Ah, we have to find another one.
Y: Yes, there should be two.
MC Park: When a man acts like that, as if it’s nothing, you really come to rely on him.
MC Park: Of course.
MC Kim: Every man wants to show that (strong) side. They WANT to. But… 
Y: Be careful, walk slowly. Don’t be nervous.

The third room: a principal’s room.
Y: Is there a parcel inside this room?
H: Yes.
H: Ew…….
NY (totally into this)
SO: Aren’t they scared?
Y (to the girls): Where’s the parcel?
MC Park: Look at them!

Y: Where is it?
H: Eww……..
Y: Especially this one, really!
Y: Don’t touch, don’t touch.
H: It’s scar…..(screams)…y!!!!!!
Y: !
Y: What’s this?
H: Over there, we’ve found it.
Y (sigh)…..
MC Kim: He’s scared too, really trying not to show it.
NY: You know that it’s really scary when they all look at you that way.
Y: Oh? She’s (the ghost) gone.
H: Really?

The fourth room: a lecture room I
Y: Stay there.
H: Yes.
SO: He acts as if it’s nothing, but he opens the door like….
Y: Is there anything written on the mission card about this room?
H: No, I guess we just have to get it and out.
MC Kim: But they may end up getting scared witless.
H: Uh? There’s something in the middle.
Y barely touches the newspaper
MC Kim: He couldn’t lift it! He couldn’t!!
NY: What was that?!
MC Park: He’s scared, too.
MC Kim: Of course he is.

Mission Card: Make a selection of fritters. Make 3 Pollack fritters, 3 courgette fritters, and 3 bean curd fritters, and use them when you take a couple photo. 

MC Park: Make fritters? Here?
Y: Wait, I’m sure there’s something.
H: I guess we really have to make fritters.
MC Kim: It’s because this is a special episode for Chuseok (making fritters is one of the customs in Chuseok). 
NY: They immerse Chuseok into the horror!
H: Oh, 3 fritters each.
Y: How do you make it?
H: First heat the oil…

A Sudden explosion!

Y: Eugh!
H: Kyaaaah!!!
Y: It’s okay, it’s okay.
Jinwoon: They must’ve been so scared!
SO: Feel like I’m going to faint.
NY: I’m really scared. What should I do?
Y: Seo Hyun-a, you know how to make fritters, don’t you?
H: Yes.
Y: Then while you’re making them, I’ll go and watch out.
MC Park: He shouldn’t go out.
Y: Come out!
NY: Really you shouldn’t split. When you see horror movies…
MC Park: Yes.
MC Kim: The moment you divide the team, you die.

Yong opens the door with his foot.

MC Kim: With his foot!
Y: I should check whether someone’s coming.
NY: Hahaha! That’s funny.
Y (anyone over there…?)
Y: Seo Hyun-a. You’re not scared, are you?
H: No, I’m fine.
Y: We may drop it on the way back, so let’s wrap them in here.
H: Okay.
(Someone’s footsteps)
H: Ew…..
NY: It’s always the sound that’s scarier.
NY: He is frozen, frozen. Ddang! Ddang!
MC Park: He is.
Y: Slowly…

The auto-tune voice: Are you dissing my text…?
The text message: Bring your fritters and the parcel to the next room.

H: Anything outside?
Y: No.
SO: Ah, they keep holding hands.
MC Park: I like it.
Y (kicking newspapers): Ah, why did they put these here?
H: We could’ve slipped on them.

The fifth room: a lecture room II
Y: Question?

Mission Card: You can’t get out of this room till you answer the question correctly. If you fail to answer the question in 1 min, something will happen. Pull out the paper, music will play for 1 min.

Y: This one?
H: Yes.

Suddenly the door slams shut

H: Kyaaaahh!!!!
MC Kim: But Yonghwa’s becoming so reliable!

The couple shut inside the room!

JW: Seulong is biting his nails.
Y: Shall I pull it out?
H: Let’s do it together. We, together…
MC Park: How they can solve this?
H: Hul!
Y: Do it, quickly!

While Hyun is doing the calculation, Yong’s guiding her.

H: Like this, and…
NY: Yes!
MC Park: I forgot all of this (math).
NY: Hurry, hurry!

Y making a barricade

H: O (zero)! I’m done!
Y: Really?
Y: O!!

The door opens.

H: Hurry, hurry!
Y: Wait, I’ll go outside first.
H (slips on something?): Kyah! Eughah-
Y: Careful.
Y: This way?
H: Yes, let’s go upstairs.

Yongseo couple to the second floor.

H: Luckily answered the question correctly.
Y: You’re the best.
Y: Hyun is a genius!
H: I’m scared! Euh~!
Y (to the female ghost): You were here, you!
MC Park: You were here, you!

Suddenly his acting voice comes out

SO: Act even braver.
NY: Braver.
H: Hello.

The last room: Finish your mission here.

NY: It’s a couple photo shot.
Y: Ah, it’s over there.
Y: I think we have to take a picture here with those fritters.
H: Yes.

A Sudden explosion!

H: Kyaahh!!!!!
Y: What’s this?!
JW: Still Yonghwa’s trying to protect Seo Hyun.
MC Park: Yes, yes.
MC Park: He’s really a man.

Yong breaks the cabinet

MC Park: If he breaks the cabinet, what about the other couples?
MC Kim: Because he’s scared too, his fists come first.

Mission Card: Unwrap the parcel and put on these clothes. Take the picture with your fritters, then the mission is completed! 

Y: Where should we wear them?
H: Just here, on top of your clothes.
Y: You put it on first, I’ll watch out for you.
JW: How scary the situation will be for them!
Y: Does it fit?
H: Yes, it fits.
Y puts on a t-shirt at the speed of light
SO: That’s quick!
NY: Because something might happen while you close your eyes.
Y (taking out fritters): You did it well.
H: I don’t think it’ll be tasty.
H: Wait, look at the mirror.
Y: Hm?
H: Because there’s a heart on our t-shirts, like this… 
MCs: Oh~~~
MC Kim: Because they’ve been relying on each other.
Y: I’ll set the timer.
Y: Wait! Wait!
Y: (pointing to the sofa) There will be something, for sure.

They set the timer and pose for the camera

JW: Ya~ they’re hugging!
NY: I like this part.
MC Park: Yes, yes~
NY: Uh? What’s that? (behind the sofa, a hand is coming out)

But just after they took the picture, the hand goes in timidly.

NY: What?
MC Kim: Hahahaha!!!
SO: What was that?!
NY: The hand was so slow!
MC Park: That ghost must have been waiting for at least 30mins just for that…

Yongseo is back in the room

JK: What? Did you have fun?
Y: Eugh!
Gain: You guys are holding hands!
JK: Really! They are holding hands!
Gain: Well done.
Gain: Is it really scary?
NK: How would you score it, out of 10?
Y: 12.
NK & Vic: …!
JK: How’s the quality of the ghosts?
Y: 18.

The voice: Nichkhun, Victoria couple, it’s your turn.

Y: Fighting!
MC Park: You’ve got Nichkhun.
NY: If I have Nichkhun next to me, I think I can go to that kind of place 12 times.
Vic: This is driving me crazy.
Vic: Victoria hits people! I’m not joking!
MC Park: She said she hits people!
MC Park: Everyone acts differently when they’re scared.
MC Kim: With her powerful kick.

The first room: a kitchen

NK: Hold me.
Vic: I’m really scared…
NK: Hello?

The voice: Pull one string from the four, and check your mission.

NK: T-t-t-this, you want me to open this?

The voice: (sigh…) Pull one string from the four, and you check, no, check you mission.

MC Kim: Because they’re a foreign couple, can’t understand the mission!
NK: String? String?
MC Park: Tell them in English!
NY: Line, line!
SO: This should be scary, but it’s funny.
MC Kim: You should be able to communicate, if you want to scare them.
Vic: What’s this? Warms? Really?!
MC Park: A Sundae!
Vic: Is it intestine?
NK: No.

Mission Card: From now on, you have to go into every room to find a parcel or complete a test. Don’t lose your parcel and take a couple photo. Move to the next room. *Pay attention to where the light is. 

Vic: What is a bottari (parcel)?
NK: Something we have to find.

The second room: a shower room.

Vic: They said this room is the scariest.
NK: I’m going to open this.
Vic: Kyeeeah!
NK: Uh?!
Vic: Granny~
MC Park: That granny ghost is too weak.
Vic: Hello…
MC Park: She is a kind granny.
SO: She should get some fresh air.
MC Park: I think men will be scared, too.
MC Kim: Of course.
NY: Even though you are a man?
SO: Of course!
Vic: Oh, oh! What’s that?
NK: Oh, sh….

The third room: a principal’s room
Vic: What’s going on?
NK: Should I go alone, or do you want to come with me?
Vic: I’ll go with you.
Vic: They’re really scary, really scary.
NY: When they look at you like that, it’s terrifying!
MC Park: They are really scary.

While NK gets the parcel, Vic blocks the path with a chair.
NK: Well done.

Girl ghosts try to grab Vic
Vic: Eeugh~!!!!!

NK blocks their hands
NK: Study hard.
MC Park: The ghost is happy because she held Nickhun’s hand.
Vic: Is there anyone outside?
NK: She’s gone.
NY: Uh? She’s disappeared.
SO: This is scary.

The fourth room: a lecture room I
Vic starts cooking
MC Park: Because she’s a good cook.
MC Kim: Since it’s a Chuseok special…
SO: Yes, a holiday spirit.
NK: You’re doing well.
NK: Oh, sh…!
Vic: What? What? What’s this?

The fifth room: a lecture room II

NY: This is the room with a math question.
The door slams shut
Vic: Kyaaaah!!!!
MC Park: They (the other couples) can hear the screams.
MC Kim: They (Yongseo) know what’s going on.

34x27...., the upgraded version

NK: Oh, sh….
Vic: What? What?
MC Park: Who’s going to solve it?
SO: Khun…
NK: Come over here.
NK: Stay here, stay here.
NK: Are you good at math?
NY: Hurry, hurry.
MC Kim: They won’t be able to concentrate on the question.

NK holds her in front of him and continues with the calculation.

MC Park: Why do they look so lovely?
NY: They are lovely…

The song stops, then footage from the movie ‘Ring’ comes out.

SO: Surely not…
Vic: Don’t come!
Vic: I’m really scared…
NK: Just keep calculating. 

Ghosts are slowly coming towards them….

Vic: I’ll do the math… $%^%&*#$%......
MC Park: She’s speaking in Chinese!

Suddenly a paper comes down
The message: The answer is either 0 or 1. Choose one and shout it together.

But NK keeps calculating.
MC Park: They’re given the hint, but ignoring it!
MC Park: They didn’t read it.
MC Kim: Because they’re in panic.
MC Park: Sadako has no energy.
NK: Let’s just go out.
SO: It’s locked.
MC Kim: They didn’t get the answer.
SO: They have to shout the answer to get out.
NK: Wait (goes back and checks the hint)
NK: Ah, we’re such a fool.
Vic: Why?
NK: 1!


Vic: Kyaaah!!!
NK: 0! 0! 0! 0! 0!
MC Kim: There are so many ghosts waiting in that room, but Seo Hyun solved the problem so easily.
MC Park: Yes, Seo Hyun is a genius.
NK: We, we were a fool.
NK: A map! I left it there.

The last room: a hall.
The last mission: Take a photo with fritters, wearing couple t-shirts 

Vic: Kyaaaah!!!
MC Park: They automatically stick together.
MC Kim: That’s one of the reasons why a new couple should watch a horror movie together.
NY: This time it (the hand from behind) should work.
Vic: Arrrrrrgh!!!!
NK: (hitting the hand) Ya!!!
Vic: Someone grabbed my shoulder!
NK: It’s okay.
Vic: Where, where should we go now?
NK: I think it’s the same route as we came here.

Ghosts are coming out of the room
Vic: Arrrrgh! It’s scary, it’s scary!!
NK: Run! Run! Run!

Khuntoria couple comes in.
JK: Look at them sweating!
NK: It’s too much!
NK: This is not what I had in mind. 
MC Kim: Even though men pretend that they are not scared, just look at them sweating.
Vic: It was really scary.
Gain: What if I faint?
Gain: It’s midnight.
Gain: How did you do it? Did you go holding hands?
NK: Like this… (a hugging gesture)
Vic: I was clinging to him.
Gain: You can do the same, can’t you?
JK: Got it.

The Adam couple’s turn
Gain: There’s a ghost.
JK: What?
Gain: Over there.
Gain: Honey (Yeobo), honey, honey, honey-

The first room: a kitchen.

JK: What’s it?
Gain: Wait, where’s the parcel?
JK: A red light…
Gain: The parcel, the parcel.
Gain: Where’s the parcel?
JK: Where’s the parcel?

The voice: Pull one string from the four, and check your mission.

JK: Where are the strings?
Gain: Over there, over there.
JK: Okay, thank you~
MC Park: He said thank you.
Gain: Euugh! Arragh! Hahahaha!
NY: It’s a wick.
Gain: What’s this?
JK wearing a wick
NY: Ghosts will be taken aback.
MC Kim: Ghosts will be scared.
Gain: Eeeuah!
JK: It (the mission card) is here.

The second room: a shower room

JK: We have to open the curtain.
MC Kim: Oh, the granny will be startled.
MC Park: Our granny will be tired.
JK: Eeeuagh! Hahahaha!

The granny ghost loses the timing to come out.

MC Park: It’s the granny who was alarmed!
Gain: Hello~
MC Park: No one’s scared of the granny.
JK: This is it?
Gain: (to the granny) Is this a parcel?
JK: She must’ve been disappointed since we weren’t so scared of her.

The third room: a principal’s room

Gain: Oh, oh, oh, don’t do it.
MC Park: If they study this hard, the Seoul National University will be no problem.

JK starts doing his kkap.
Gain: Haha! She’s laughing!
JK: She’s failed. 
Gain: Eeugh!
JK: Ah, what?!

The fourth room: a lecture room I
A bell rings

Gain: Eurghh…. Don’t do it! ARRRRRRGH!!!!
MC Kim: The ghosts will be frightened (of her).
MC Park: She is shouting at them.
The fifth room: a lecture room II
JK: What’s this? I’m really not good at math!
Gain: I’ll do this bit, you do the rest.
Gain: Start calculating!
MC Park: Our couple always overcomes the hardship and troubles.

The phone rings

JK: Uh? What’s it?
Gain: Oh, my, god!
MC Park: Sadako, did they gain some energy?
Gain: Ah, what’s it?

JK is doing Sadako against Sadakos

MCs: Hahahahahaha!!!!!
JK: Well done, Sadakos~

The last room

Gain: Honey, come over here quickly! Sit!
JK: I think there’ll be a ghost under the sofa.
MC Kim: Now, it’s the hand ghost…
Gain: (no response)
JK: Ah, really!

JK pinches the hand of a ghost

The ghost: Ouch!
Gain: Honey, wait for me.
JK: I’ve blocked it.
MC Park: What kind of a couple are they?!

Adam returns to the room

JK: Are you joking? What’s scary?!
NK: Now it’s our MC should go.
Y: It’s our MC’s turn.
Y: But he heard everything already-will it be still scary?
NK: No~
Y: If you can’t do this, you are not a man!
JS: Why suddenly starts raining?
Y: There is a camera in the last room. Your mission is to bring it here. 
JS: Bring the camera?
Y: Yes.
MC Park: If you go there alone, won’t it be scary?
MC Kim: Of course, it’ll be scary. Alone!
JS: Okay, since I’m not afraid of such things.
H: Just go straight.
Gain: Fighting!
Y: It’s not that scary.
Gain: It’s not.

JK slams the door shut

JS: Eeuurgh!!!
Everyone: Hahahaha!!!
JS: Don’t even think about coming out.
JS: I told you don’t come out.
MC Kim: He starts speaking in a weird (Busan) dialect, but he’s living in Ilsan (next to Seoul)!
JS: What’s this?

The first room

MC Kim: But he’s brave, our Jungshin.
JS: Euh…
The voice: Pull one string from the four, and check your mission.
JS: Yes.
JS: Eugh….!
MC Kim: He’s is on a full alert.
MC Park: Yes.
MC Kim: He just came here as a MC.
MC Park: What’s it?
JS: Oh, sundae (sausage)!
MC Park: It’s a snake.
SO: They’re sure in a same group (Yong and JS).
JS: Don’t you dare come out while I’m reading this!
MC Park: He keeps talking to himself.
JS: Uh, you keep moving? Keep moving?!
MC Kim: Keep moving?! Keep moving?! He’s so cute!

To the second room

JS: This is really scary!
MC Park: Our granny…
JS: Don’t you dare drop something!
NY: I think Jungshin chingu will be frightened.
JS: Ahh…! Arrroh!!! (kicking a doll)
JS: Eeeuuuurgh!!!!

Everyone’s hearing Jungshin
Everyone: Hahahaha!!!
Y: Deabak!

MC Park: He will be really scared being there all alone.
JS: Uh, hello.
MC Park: He’s greeting the granny, how polite.
JS: huhuhu.
JS: Do you know where the dica is?
JS: Dica… Digital Camera…
JS: Keep up with your good work.
JS: Ah, yes. You first.
MC Park: He’s letting her go first, out of courtesy.

The third room

JS: Oh~!
JS: Hello.
JS: Is there anyone who is a fan of me?
MCs: Hahaha!
JS: Could I borrow you lantern?
NY: Is he borrowing a lantern from a ghost?

The fourth room

MC Kim: He has to make fritters.
MC Park: Alone?

A sudden explosion!

JS: Ah, really!
JS: Go easy on me.
MC Kim: Go easy on me!!
JW: He’s lying down.
NY: He’s cute!
SO: He’s really scared.
MC Park: Yes, he must be.
JS: Don’t you dare walk towards me!
MCs: Hahahaha!!!!
MC Kim: ….walk towards me!
MC Kim: He’s really cute.
SO: He’s making too many!
JS: Here’s a hot plate of selection of fritters~ Fritters~ I’ve got courgettes~bean curds~

The fifth room

JS: (to the Sadakos) Ah, really-let’s not do this.
JS: 120, yes? 120 plus 2, minus 15…600…? Phew…..
MC Park: Hahaha! Is he talking to the ghosts?

The last room

MC Park: The last room!
MC Kim: He did really well, coming here all alone.
MC Park: He has to take a picture of himself.
MC Park: Now the hand…
JS: Aaaaarh~! 
JS: Ah, really!
JS: Don’t you dare come out!
MC Park: Don’t you dare come out!!

JS returns to the room

MC Park: He’s the best! 
NY: Ah~ He’s cute.
JK: Can we check our picture?

Photo 1: Angry Jungshin

Photo 2: Yongseo’s heart
JK: It came out good.

Photo 3: Frightened Victoria and a fool Nickhun

Photo 4: Whose hand is it?
JS: This is the best.
JS: You’ve seen all the pictures.

Who is the strongest couple?

NK: Our senior couple.
Y: Yes.

The Adam, the strongest WGM couple!

NY: What’s the prize?

An appreciation plaque:
Thank you for giving a huge laugh to our viewers for the Chuseok special.
Hope you could give us even greater laughs as the strongest WGM couple!

Gain: Is that it? No more?
Everyone: Congratulations! 

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