[Trans] 101002 WGM Goguma ep26

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From a girl to a lady

In a bad mood on the bus going to Daemyunghang…
JinWoon: Because of the texts…
Yong: What did you do during the vacation?
Hyun: I went to school.
Y: You didn’t go anywhere particular?
H: No, unfortunately.
H: Isn’t it (unfortunate)? Why didn’t I…
Y: This is combo, combo!
H: Combo…?
Y: Folding your arms, then turn your head.
H: Why?
Yong already catches on to his wife’s habit
Y: I just thought you speak with your arms folded, but,
Y: Like this (folding his arms, and turning his head), ‘unfortunately’!
H: Hahaha!
Y: I’m right, I’m right, I’m right, I’m right, ain’t I?
H: I don’t know.
Y: Arms should be diagonal.
MC Park: He’s trying to liven up the mood, to make her laugh.
H: Ah, really!
H: It’s not funny!
MC Park: But men think it’s okay once girls/women laugh.
Female MCs: Just because she laughs that doesn’t mean that she has forgotten about the troubles.
Seulong: Really?
JW: Has she not?
MC Park: Unless the fundamental part of the problem is solved, women don’t forget. 
NaYoung: That’s true.

Yong, whether knowing women’s psyche or not…
Y: You have to do it this way…
H: So I’m like that…. (unintentionally folds her arms)
MC Park: Her arms!
Y: Told you, told you!
H: What’s this~!
Y: I’m the first person to tell you about this habit, right?
H: Yes.
Y: That’s the reason I’m special.
H: Hmm…
Y: That’s the reason why I’m different from other men, you know?
H: …
Y: I can catch on to even such a small thing.
Y: I’m the only one who tells you about this kind of thing, ain’t I?
H: Y-Yes…
Yong hubby tries to brainwash his wife…
Y: (I’m) different, different, different, different.
H: Is it a good thing?
Y: Of course it’s good, of course, why, why not?!
H: Is that so~?
MC Park: Is that so~?
Anyway, this is why Yong’s important.

H: Not long ago, there was a Music bank (?) performance….
Y: Yes.
H: It was fun, seeing you at the music programme after a while.
Y: Yes.
H: Come to think of it, that was the same programme where we did the ring performance after we got married.
Y: That’s right.
H: So it was-
Y: By the way, my ring…
H: The ring is totally…
Y: Do you want to know what happened to the ring?
H: What happened?
Where has the ring gone?
Y: I really wanted to tell you this.
H: (jokingly) Is it melted now?
Y: That’s right!
H: Really?!
Y: It’s melted! 
H: That’s not possible!
Y: It started burning up slowly…
H: So, it’s gone, forever?!
Y: Yes, forever.
The ring is gone!
H: Huh~!
H: Then this becomes just my ring, then…
H: Ah……
Y: No, we have to replace them.
Y: By the way, I’m sorry.
H: What for?
Y: For not texting you yesterday.
H: It’s okay!
Y: No, I’m going to fill it up to 100.
H: Fine.
Now 98 left… and the bus is going to the countryside…

H: I just remembered something!
Y: What?
H: Haha!
Something so funny that makes her laugh just thinking about it?
H: Yonghwa oppa~!
Y: Huh?
H: Don't you know what this is?
H: Gag Concert!
Y: Ah! Did you see it?
JW: What’s that?
This shocking image!!
A Comedian: Yonghwa oppa~
A Comedian: Because you didn’t buy me a pink guitar, I bought it with my money!
A Comedian: You’re really stingy!
A Comedian: Give me a back hug~
And a provocative skinship!!
H: Really! You looked really scared.
Y: Did I look really scared?
H: Yes!
Y: I was really scared.
H: Hahaha!
H: Someone made gifs out of that clip. The title was ‘Provocative Seo Hyun’. And when I saw it, I was so surprised!
Seo Hyun senorita, very assertive in skinship.
Y: Hahaha!
Y: What if, Seo Hyun, you act like that?
Seo Hyun, what if you act like that?
H: Eurgh…. If I act like that…(imagining)...Eurgh!
MC Park: We’ll be happy if she’s like that!
Y: Seo Hyun, really…(imagining)
JW: Don’t imagine it!
MC Park: They’ve become awkward after imagining it.
H: That Seohyun (in the clip), and people around me keep talking about the skinship. Asking me why I’m so slow…
Y: Is that so?
H: Yes.
MC Park: They’re talking about the skinship!
H: (talking to herself) Should I do….
Y: Shall we hold hands, then?
H: Eh~
Y: Why ‘Eh~’?
Y: I shared the same waiting room with 2AM before the (Music Bank?) stage.
H: Really?
Y: Lim Seulong sunbanim (=senior) told me that ‘It’s…. irritatingly slow.’
H: Haha! Really?
NY & MC Park: Well done, well spoken!
H: Why is that?
Y: ‘irritatingly slow…’
H: Haha!
Anyway, with the help (?) of Ong, they start talking about the skinship.
What’s in their minds?
MC Park: Oh, the atmosphere…
SO: They wouldn’t restrain themselves even further because of me, would they?

(backroom interview)
H: In the beginning, there were many people telling me ‘You shouldn’t hold hands, never!’ But after a few episodes, they started ‘When are you going to hold hands?!’ I was like ‘What are you talking about?’
Then they told me ‘You should initiate holding hands!’ I really….really don’t know what to do…

Y: By the way, besides the birthday text…
H: Yes?
Y: No gift for me?
H: No gift for you?
Y: I prepared something already for you in Daemyunghang.
Yong anticipates a gift from his wife
H: It’s been a week, already.
Y: What about a week before, then?
H: You didn’t even reply to my text. If you had done, I might have prepared something.
H: No way.
Y: Is that so?
Y: Okay.
Y: I’m hoping for the future.
H: What future?
Y: You’re hiding it from me on purpose, right?
H: I wish I was.
Y: (timid skinships) Unfold your arms, this one, and that one.
JW & SO: Oh~
Y: I have a high hope~
Will Yong’s wish come true?

The bus keeps going…
Y: I can see the sea!
H: It’s a beach.
Y: Now can you feel that we’re going to the sea?
H: Yes!
Y: Can you see the crab field?
H: Oh~
H: Can we catch crabs as well?
Y: Do you want me to?
H: Yes, I like crabs!
Y: Okay, no problem.

But against Hyun’s anticipation, the bus is passing the beach and going to the little village…?
Y: We’re getting off here~
H: Are we?
Y: Yes.
Finally, to the place as Yong has planned…?
H: Oh~
Y: How do you feel?
H: I feel good.
Crowds: Kkyaoh~~
(girls: It’s Jung Yong Hwa! Men: It’s Seo Hyun!)
MC Park: Oh, they are popular!
Y: We have to take a taxi from here.
Y: Just 2mins, 2mins!

Yong parts with his wife…
MC Park: He must have prepared something!
MC Park: He told her that they’re going fishing.
Y (handing a piece of paper to the taxi driver): I can’t say that we’re going to this place in front of her… I’ll bring her now.
Y: You first.
H: Thank you.

This way Yong hubby’s secret tour starts…
Y: We’re going to the beach.
H: How long does it take?
Y: (to the driver) how long does it take to get to the beach?
The driver: About 10mins.
H: Only 10mins?
MC Park: The driver is cooperating well.

But….this place….?
MC Park: There’re heading to some place…
MC Kim: But it’s definitely not a sea.
H: How come there’s a sea in this place?
Y: There’ll be…

Is this Daemyunghang….?
H: No way that there’s a sea…

As they keep going….
Going to the mountain…?

Y: We’re there.
H: You’re lying, aren’t you?
Y: What lying? Let’s go!
Y &H (to the driver): Thank you~

Where are we…?
JW: I think he totally deceived Seo Hyun.
MC Kim: She’s abducted.
H: I can’t see a sea, it’s not possible!
Y: Why can’t you see?
H: How is there a sea in the middle of…
Y: You can see once we take a short cut.
H: Eh~
Y: Turn left, turn left!
H: But, but,
Y: I’m bringing you somewhere nice~