[Trans] 101120 WGM Goguma ep32

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Eng sub 32-2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzs0PiAgjBs
credit sun_sun @ soompi
Trans by j2dlee @ soompi <3 uri angel
Hi, happy Goguma lovers!

Here's the translation of today's episode. Hope I'm not too late!

(skip the previous episode…)

A sweet potato museum spotted!
MC Park: A sweet potato museum?
As they come in….
(A Japanese girl recognises Yong & Hyun)
MC Kim: Maybe she is a fan of the WGM!
But they are already absorbed in sightseeing…
Hyun: Huh? Sweet potatoes everywhere!
Yong: Haha!
(a variety of sweet potato snacks)
H: Sweet potatoes everywhere!
Y: This is a land of sweet potatoes.
H: I’m happy~
MC Park: Seo Hyun is a queen of the sweet potato land.
JW: Na Young, your outfit today looks like a sweet potato.
NY: Me? Why do I look like a sweet potato?
A (just) sweet potato Na Young in a sweet potato land?

H: Let’s try this!
(as soon as she finishes her sentence)
Y: Hm…? Matang (deep fried sweet potatoes covered in syrup)!
Y: It’s delicious~
H: I know, right?
Y: My mother would like it.
H: Really?
H: Does your mother like this kind of thing?
H: We should buy this for parents!
(Meanwhile Yong can’t stop munching)
Y: Hmm~ Delicious!
H: Yes!
(To the staff: Yong ‘It’s delicious~’)
H: This one, too.
Y: Is this one made of sweet potatoes, too?
H: Yes.
Every snack made of sweet potatoes
MC Park: It’s amazing, how they made all these from sweet potatoes…?
H: Sweet potatoes~
Y: Is this really made of sweet potatoes?
H: (in English) Sweet potato~
Y: Let’s buy this one and that one.
H: Shall we?

(After a joyful sweet potato shopping)

MC Park: The town is so beautiful.
Y: You should walk to the side of the road.
Y: My mother taught me that.
H: Thank you.
H: Then is it okay for a man to walk in the road?
Y: Yes. When a man and a woman walk in the street, the man should walk outside.
H: Yea~
Y: Let’s have some ice creams!

Even ice cream made of sweet potatoes?
MC Park: Maybe a sweet potato ice cream?
JW: It sounds delicious.
H: I think it’s a sweet potato ice cream!
In front of the shop…
H: What should we eat?
MC Park: It’s really amazing.
The staff: Welcome~
NY: Sweet potato flavour for Hyun!
For Hyun, 100% sweet potato ice cream, for Yong sweet potato + vanilla
MC Kim: 100% sweet potato!
What will a sweet potato ice cream taste like?
H: Oh~ it tastes like sweet potato!
Y: Does it?
H: Hmm~ it’s so good.

Y (waving): Ah, he’s cute.
(A boy: ‘ja-shik’^^)
JW & SO: Ja-shik!
Y: Why is it so hot today?
Even though it’s autumn, it’s scorching today.
H: I’ll say. Maybe summer is coming back.
Y: That’s not the way to eat ice cream.
(Yong’s sucking his ice cream)
H: Haha!
Yong knows how to enjoy an ice cream
H: It’s melting fast, because the weather is so hot.
H: Ah! What should I do? It’s all running down!
NY: Even Seo Hyun spills her food.
Y: Seo Hyun, I can give you tissue.
H: Thank you.
Y: 300 yen!
In a rapid ice cream thawing (?) situation…
Y: (posing for the picture) It’s like a press conference.
(A lady: Thank you, a young man)
H: Even while the ice cream is melting…(you’re posing for the camera)
MC Kim: Because our Korean idol groups are popular in Japan.
Y: Try to eat from the bottom.
(Hyun still trying to eat)
Y: It’s been about 3mins (since buying the ice cream), but the ice cream is almost gone.
People start gathering…