[Trans] 101127 WGM Goguma ep33 (MountainMadman)

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Translated by MountainMadman @ soompi <3 
The video that she used: (the second part can be found in the same channel.)


Starting at the 0:33 mark.

Y:Do you know what flavor this is?

S:There are flavors?

Sub:Yong Professor is lecturing (?) on non-alcohol drinks

Y:Yes, there is.

S:Orange? Lemon?


S:Then what?

Y:There isn't any alcohol flavor.

Sub:A great lesson...?

Sub:He opens it for her...


MC:He didn't even know he was shaking it.

Sub:The right hand is...shaking

MC:Because it has carbonation.

Sub:Hyun buin, new to alcohol

At the 1:00 mark.

Sub:finds rookie trainee cute

S:What flavor is it, really?

Sub:Yong Professor, proposes a toast...

S:We need to shout something!

Y:for SNSD's success in Japan.


Sub:The couple's first toast

Sub:Like a man

Sub:turns her head quietly


Sub:Goguma pie snack for wife

Y:Look at your nostrils flaring.

S:Whenever I focus on something, it widens.

Sub:stares intensely

Sub:they're being like that...

S:But really...seriously...before I got on this program, I didn't have any male friends.


S:And it was really uncomfortable for me.

Sub:getting serious (?) after drinking

At the 2:00 mark.

S:But...because you tried so hard, it changed me a lot.

MC:She changed, she did change a lot.

Sub:embarrassed (x2)

S:Thank you for that. Really, thank you.

Y:Thank you...for that?

S:I do!

Y:Anything else?

S:What anything else?

Y:"Thank you...for that."

S:No, I was just thanking you.

Y:No, it's okay...

MC:That's how...you get to know a man.

MC:Did you become an expert?

Y:Well...I didn't do it to be thanked...

S:Anyways, I was being serious.

Y:Yeah...me too...

MC:(sorry...didn't hear him clearly enough)

Subs:Hyun saying her true feelings because of alcohol effects (?)

Subs:for some reason...the night is getting more and more serious...

At the 2:41 mark.

Y:Try it once. Just say everything out loud.

S:Say what?

Y:Let's each say one thing we're disappointed in.

Sub:wants to hear more of her inner thoughts

Y:Even if it's something really small. Like that.

Sub:even if it's just a crumb...

S:Oh! The music video I shot with TRAX...did you see it?



Subs:He saw it...

Sub:Earlier today...

S:This is when I was filming the music video.

S:Did you see it?

Y:Yeah, I did.

Sub:Stealthily...tried to figure out his thoughts

At the 3:32 mark.

S:You don't call when there's something small like that. That...just...that's what I felt.

Sub:because they were busy, couldn't find time to call each other often

MC:Oh, they couldn't keep in contact because they were too busy.

S:Whether he has an interest in what his wife is doing...does he know or not...

Sub:He wasn't calling as often, so she wanted to find out his level of affection...

S:Because he wasn't calling too often, I got the feeling that he didn't know.

S:And he did see it, but he didn't say anything, so I was feeling a little sad.

Sub:Does the husband know about her feelings...

At the 4:00 mark.

Y:I watch everything you do.


Sub:Yong was monitoring everything she was doing

Y:When I'm surfing the channels, when I see your commercial, I watch it.

S:Really? I do too!

MC:Oh, he likes it!

MC:I guess they were upset at each other because they hadn't said anything.

S:And anyways, when you search online, our names come up together.


S:When you search my name, your name comes up as a related search.

Y:Oh, not like that...

S:So I end up watching them too.

Y:That's how you watch them? You watched them because you were forced to??

Sub:It's the same thing...

Y:I actually thought of you and entered your name.

S:No, that's just what I thought of.


S:Ah, really.

Sub:What happened to speaking truthfully...

Y:Should I show you?

Sub:(Yong-certified) staring at the distant mountains

S:What are you doing?

Y:It's just for fun.

S:It's fun.

MC:She's learning how to handle her husband.

S:Well, I said something...it's your turn.

Sub:As soon as she finishes talking...

S:Why are there so many??

MC:He doesn't even remember them all!

S:Wow, really. Liar!

Y:I have something to say, but I don't know how to say it.

S:Speak comfortably.

Y:Give me...30 seconds.


Sub:what kind of thing is it...

Y:45 seconds.

S:10 seconds remaining.

Y:10 seconds...what?

S:5 points deduction.

Sub:the painful memories of the driving test

Sub:and finally...

S:What is it?

Y:So...this is what I think. So let's say that I didn't call you first.


Y:You could try to...call me first.


Y:You could do that.

S:That's true.

Y:Anyways, that's it. 

Y:You don't know my feelings.


At the 6:03 mark.

Y:I was curious. Exactly how much...she looks me up. How much she pays attentionto what I'm doing. If she really does miss me, then she can try to call mefirst. 

Sub:Seeing now...the two of them wanted the same thing...^^

S:Thinking about it...I don't think I'm the type to call first.

MC:So they were both waiting for each other.

Y:Why? I'm curious.

S:I'll break it. This is my wall, so I'll break it.

Sub:that's a...wall???

S:I...broke it!

Sub:worries now gone...??

S:I broke it.

Sub:broke down the wall (?) between the couple...

Y:Talk to me like a friend.

S:"To me"? (NOTE: Yong was speaking in a Busan accent.)

Y:Talk to me, aish~


Sub:Celebratory banmal for breaking down the wall??

S:Like a friend?

MC:In banmal?


Sub:The wall of banmal is still...

Y:I'm your husband...I'm closer to you than a friend.


S:To me...this is closer than a friend!

Y:Really? No, that's not true...

S:I'm different from a lot of people!

Y:Yeah, that's true.

Sub:Even though she doesn't speak banmal...still able to understand her feelings

At the 7:32 mark.

S:I think everyone's different from each other.


S:So we wouldn't be able to figure out our differences at first.

Y:Hang on, you have lint on your hair.


Y:Did it get there while you were eating sweet potatoes?

S:Didn't it get there while you were laughing?

Sub:possibly... ^^

Y:Well, the wind was strong.

S:No, that's impossible.

S:Anyways...it's over with now.


At the 8:10 mark.

Y:I haven't asked this in a long time. How many sweet potatoes do I have?


MC:You know that if she likes him, it's sweet potatoes, if she doesn't it's hamburgers.

Sub:YongSeo couple's affection meter = gogumas

S:You can't do it suddenly like that.

Y:(speaking in an exaggerated accent... T.T)

Sub:trying to find out through goguma pies(?)

S:Ah, what are you doing? No, no no.

S:You can check it...at the darkroom interview.

Y:Do you realize how many times I've been screwed over by the interviews?

S:What are you talking about?

Y:I always get surprised when I watch the interviews.


Sub:the result of the darkroom interview...??

S:Why are you surprised?

Y:Because you say different things.


Y:We just had a serious talk, so...let's do it again.


Sub:countdown / moves quickly ^^



S:Looks like it.

Sub:gave him everything...!!

Y:You're sure?


Y:Don't change it behind my back.

S:Ahhh, really.

Y:Okay, okay.

S:Wow, you're too much.

Y:I was just playing around...

S:I don't know what's real or not!

Y:I was feeling happy~


S:Six gogumas. That's a lot.

Sub:after hard work (?) ...recovered his gogumas

PD:Do you like gogumas, or your husband?

S:That's stupid! How can you compare something you eat to a person?

S:How many do I have?

Y:Close your eyes.




  End of Part 1 of the video.

Part 2:

Y:I think I'll say it in the interview.

Sub:Yong getting revenge

Y:You don't like it.

S:Ah, what...

Y:Can I do it in the interview?

S:Put yourself in my shoes.

Y:Now I know what you think, so I'm going to say it in the interview.


Y:Okay, I'll do it now.


Sub:What will be the amount of gogumas he gives her?

Sub:Just one??


Y:One, two, three.

S:What is this? I have one?

Y:Everything else...except that one.


Sub:10 years off her life (NOTE: Korean idiom. It means huge relief.)

S:Ohhh~ Thank you.

Y:Wasn't that cool?

S:It's cool.

MC:Ah, really!

MC:What's the difference between that and "You can cry"?? (NOTE: Probably a reference to something that happened in a Khuntoria cut.)

At the 1:02 mark.


Sub:they confirmed (?) their thoughts for each other

Y:Should we play arm wrestling?


Y:I'm not going easy this time. It's different from last time.

S:I get it.

Y:That time was our 22nd day. 

S:Now we passed our 222nd day.

S:Ah, really.

Y:Two fingers.

MC:They play it on both anniversaries.

Y:Oh, you're good.

S:I'm good, right?

S:No, no!

Y:Hyun...remember that day?

S:No...liar! (NOTE: No idea what this is referring to...probably something she shouted out subconsciously.)

Sub: got much closer from that point, but...

Sub:their level of maturity is the same

Sub:that scene...



Sub:That time...also lost...

Sub:perfect replay...down to the fake wound

Y:You remember, right?

S:I remember.

Y:You changed.

At the 2:00 mark.

S:What changed?

Y:You don't bring dried apples anymore.


Y:I just remembered.

S:Oh yeah. The machine broke. The apples come out all soggy.

Y:Why are you speaking so seriously about it?

MC: Oh, look at that!

Sub:excited (x2)

S:It's true! So when I dry them, they don't taste good.


MC:He was just grabbing it.

Sub:disappointed... (x4)

S:When I get a new machine...I'll bring them again.

Y:And...I have a favor to ask you.


Y:You know...the...bad thing I did.

Sub:thought of the long term pushing and pulling...


Y:You shouldn't do it.

Sub:Look at this!?

Sub:he was doing it...

S:Why is that?

Y:You...don't need to do it.

MC:What's up with that?

MC:Because it's tough on him.

Y:Well...because we're closer now.

At the 3:00 mark.

Y:Let's not...do stuff like that anymore.

Sub:nod (x2)

Y:Last time.

Sub:past midnight...


Y:Seohyun and Jung Yonghwa. (NOTE: in the video, this line and the previous line are switched. I had to change it because of grammatical differences.)

Sub:For Hyun <3 Yong!

Y:One shot.

S:I still have this much left!

Sub:Across the ocean...cemented (?) their relationship...

Y:That's how much you're supposed to drink.

Sub:Hoping...they get more mature as time goes by...

S:That's stupid.


At the 3:27 mark.

Sub:Yong preparing Hyun's bed

Y:I'll be in the other room. Don't come over.

S:I won't.

Y:I'll say it again. Don't come over.

S:I get it.

Y:Where should I go? Dressed like this.

S:To your room, of course.

Y:Should we go to the grocery store again?

Sub:keeps hesitating

S:Sleep well.

Y:Sleep well.

MC:Ahhh, so childish.


Y:You can say it louder.


Y:You're going to wake everyone.

S:sleep well.

Y:Sleep well!


Sub:the night in Japan slowly ending...

At the 4:11 mark.

S:I think that he feels...that while he's watching me all the time, monitors me and everything, I think slightly less of him. And now that I think of it, I don't think I've expressed it to him very well. From now on...I'll get better.

Y:I thought a lot...about whether I should say it or not. I worried that it wouldn't be manly. But that day, I felt that...I wouldn't have to worry about that kind of stuff anymore. We need to adapt to each other, and change with each other...I think that's how a relationship works. We need to work on our problems together.

PD:You grew up.

Y:I was an adult to begin with. I'm not Yong Choding.

MC:Yes, you are. What are you talking about?

Sub:Yong Choding satisfied with himself ^^

At the 5:23 mark.

Sub:One day in October...9:00 AM

MC:Oh, they're back from Japan.

Sub:Yong husband alone in their house

Y:wallet, mp3...

Sub:takes out something...

MC:What's that?

Sub:pushes it into the bag...

Y:Pororo mosquito spray. (NOTE: Coincidentally, Pororo was something that was a highlight of last week's Khuntoria episode.)

Sub:Yong husband...why are you packing?

Y:Today's the day that...we go to pick our sweet potatoes that we had planted.

MC:Oh, it's goguma picking day.

MC:Yonghwa looks a little like a goguma himself.

PD:Will they have grown a lot?

Y:There's a rumor that there's a goguma that's as big as a person.


Y:...It's what I believe.

At the 6:11 mark.

Sub:takes out his cell phone...

Sub:why isn't Hyun coming?

MC:Is she at school?



Y:Where are you?

S:Oh, hello.

Y:Where are you?

S:Oh, something's weird!

Y:You're weird.


Y:(speaks in dialect)

Y:She's not picking up.

MC:She might've gone somewhere.


Sub:But....where is this?!!

MC:Oh, did she get her license??

S:Oh, hi oppa!

Y:What are you doing?

S:Oh, I'm going right now, sorry. I'm coming from school...

Y:How long? (x2)

S:Uhh...around 5 minutes!

Y:Five minutes?


Sub:setting the timer...

Y:Okay, come in five minutes.



Sub:Waiting in front of their house!

MC:Oh, it's a truck!

At the 7:14 mark.

S: I...got my Class 1 Driver's License!


MC:Did Yonghwa get it?

Sub:has a busy schedule...

Sub:As a proud Class 1 license earner...

Sub:On the other hand! Yong doesn't know anything...

MC:He's calling again?

Sub:checking after three minutes...

Y:Oh? It's been a minute already.

S:Oh, why is he calling so often??

Sub:Hyun deciding to just start driving

MC:You can't answer your phone when you're driving.

MC:Ah, that husband.

Sub:Seo driver just staring forward

Sub:Finally at the front of the house...!!

MC:Oh, did he see her?

Sub:Yong husband...found out...??


Y:Where are you?

S:I'm here!

Sub:Honks of happiness

Y:Hey, you!


Y:She got her license!

At the 8:44 mark.

Y:Actually...I had always thought that she would've gotten her license first. So I was a little surprised at first...but it's something to celebrate. I'm a little jealous. But I'm not going to be sad or upset about it.

Y:Hurry up and park! Parallel park!

MC:He failed because of parallel parking.

Sub:A day out in the truck perfect for the goguma picking day


Sub:A sunny day in October...

S: it's weird, isn't it?

Sub:hoping for a large goguma harvest...

Sub:going to pick them now...