[Trans] 101211 WGM Goguma ep35 (j2dlee)

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Trans by j2dlee @ soompi <3 

Yong: Who should we give our sweet potatoes to?
Hyun: Members, 
Y: Parents,
H: Manager oppa.
A trip to Kanghwado expecting a good harvest!
Y: My row is full of sweet potatoes!
H: Woah!!!
Whenever they see the fruit of their hard work, Yongseo couple is so delighted!
Y: I told you, there is a sweet potato as big as a person.
Y: It gets scarcer.
H: I know!
There aren’t any sweet potatoes!
Y (roaring)
H: Look at this! There aren’t any sweet potatoes! Does it make any sense?!
Against their expectation, sweet potatoes didn’t come out very well…
Y: There are no sweet potatoes…
H: We’re doomed…!
A failure of the sweet potato crop! 
With disappointment…where are we going?

-Now today’s episode-
(with sweet potatoes from their two-row-field…)
Y: Hyung, who did you meet?
Manager Oppa: Well, there was some personal business I needed to attend to…
MC Park: He just played with a dog!
MO: A white dog, I saw it at the entrance of the village, I’ve got a dog poop on my jeans.
H: Hahaha! Really?
MO: Just right here.
Anyway where are we going…?
H: Oppa, where are we going?
Y: (as a sequel to their school uniform date) Jeonju, maybe?
H: Ah, stop it!
Y: Dongmak beach.
H: You’re lying!
Y: I’m not!
Y: Dongmak beach.
H: (really?)
H: What are we going to do in the beach?
Y: We’re having a bath…
H: Ah, really! You’re getting weirder!
A natural liar Yong…
MC Park: He’s such a prankster!
Yong’s BF manager: Manager Oppa backs up Yong hubby.
MO: Sometimes you have to trust your man.
MC Park: No~
(Y: You’re the best!)
Y: They say Yellow Sea Prawns are so good there…
To Dongmak beach to eat Yellow Sea Prawns!
Y: Now it’s the season.
H: Really?

MC Park: Dongmak beach is not that far from Kanghwado.
H: Arrived!
Y: You’re going to join us, aren’t you?
MO: I wish I could…
H: What is it this time?
MO: Just now, a friend of mine in Kanghwado…
MO knows better than to butt in on a couple’s date
H: Again?!
Y & H: Bye~

After the Jungdongjin, the couple visits the seaside in a while
H: Thank you~
Y: I didn't get to see Haewoondae (a famous beach in Busan) properly in Busan.
H: Uhm~ you didn't?
MC Park: What’s the night sea like?
MC Kim: Dark.
MC Park: AH…..
The quiet night sea draws an instant admiration
Their pace gets quicker as they get excited

Y: It’s been ages since I saw the sea last time.
H: It’s so beautiful here, look at the moon!
H: A nail moon!
MC Park: Oh, it’s really beautiful!
Y: Yes, it looks like a nail!
A quiet beach with a crescent moon above
Y: Seo Hyun, come over here.
H: Okay!
A leisurely walk in beach…
Suddenly running…?

Y: Come and catch me~!
As expected….in the most romantic moment…
H: (scary) Wooooah!!!
A threatening roar~!!
SO: ‘Wooooah’!!
Y: W-w-what was that?

(mischievous Yong)
H: Ah~!!
H: I’m not going to let you fool me!
Y: Then don’t!
The excited couple in a beach
H: No, no, no!
Y: Hehehehe~
H: No! Stop!
Y: Happy now?
H: You really think so?
Y: You’re really a hard nut to crack!
Y: (you don’t even know how I feel…)
H: Who? Me?
Y: I’m trying so hard…
H: You think so?

Y: It’s a sweet potato!
H: Hahaha!
(a rotten stick) The side-effect of a bad sweet potato harvest…
Y: Sweet potatoes are going to be back! (A parody of the line in a Korean soap ‘A Stairway to Heaven’: “Love is going to be back!”, or something like that, and the male lead throws a boomerang)
A sweet potato boomerang (?) Sweet potatoes are going to be back!
Now….let me go to heaven….
Y: Happy now?
H: Yes.

At this time!
MC Park: What is it?
JW: Oh~!!!
(Yong’s arm in position!)
H: I can do it, now!
Y: Hahaha!!
MC Kim: THAT’S IT!!!
MC Park: She said I can do it now!!
I can do it now~!!
H: It’s getting comfortable.
Y: L-l-l-l-l-like this…
(Hold hands + in his pocket~)
MC Kim: They held HANDS! EYAAH~!!! Now in his POCKET!! Well done, well done!! 
L-l-l-l-l-l-like this…

NY: That was smooth~
MC Kim: How good is that?! Looks natural and all!
H: It’s so pretty~
MC Park: Aw~ holding hands together in his pocket…

(backroom interview)
Yong’s trademark (?) It’s going to be big this winter!
Y: It’s going to be a hit this winter.
MC Kim: What? His style?
Y: Holding hands in his pocket.
Holding hands in a man's pocket!
NY: Kyaaaaah~ I really want to put my hand in a man’s pocket!!!
JW: You may face a police charge if you’re not careful…
(Robbing…?) You may face a police charge (?)…
SO: Especially if it’s a back pocket…
(backroom interview continues)
PD: How did it feel?
Y: When it got a bit sweaty, Seo Hyun kept wriggling her fingers~ It was cute.

Y: Are you okay walking in sand in heals?
H: Yes! It’s comfortable~
H: Ah~
H: No, no, no, no! 
Fooling around again!
Y: Hehehe…
H: No, stop it.
Y: Why~
H: No~!!
Y: Hahaha…
(hands are inseparable)
Y: I had a little dance in a commercial not long ago…
H: Yes.
(hands are separated?!)
(Yong dancing)
H: Hahaha! Cute!
He showed his dance…
(but what happened to the hands that separated…?)
SO: He let her hand go!
JW: How is he going to hold her hand again?
(awkward) (awkward)
MC Kim: OH, YEAH~!
After a short pause…
NY: They’re so natural now!
MC Park: After a short pause…
MC Kim: From now on I’m only going to wear a jacket with a massive pocket in it.
SO: I thought they’re only kids!
NY: I can’t even remember the last time I did that!
I can’t even remember the last time I put my hand in a man’s pocket!

Y: Do you know where are we going? 
H: I don’t know~
Y: You’ll see soon~
H: Okay~
SO: They’re just so lovey-dovey!
(NY: here’s one lonely soul)
H: Eh~ what was that?
Y: Eh~ Seo Joo Hyun!
H: Jung Yong Hwa oppa!
Y: Sometimes I don’t understand you.
H: Me neither~

(to celebrate a sweet potato harvest day) To eat Yellow Sea Prawns!
Y: We’re there!
H: Wow, Yellow Sea Prawns!
Today’s menu is YSP!
Y & H: Hello~
MC Kim: I’m jealous. I want to eat prawns, too!
Y: I’m CNBlue!
H: I’m SNSD!
The owner: Oh, we’re having special guests! Come on in!
Y: Is this a broiled YSP?
The owner: Yes, that’s right.
H: Then,
Y: We’re having that one, please.
H: Thank you.
What YSP will taste like?
Y: Ah, you didn’t wash your hands, did you?
H: No!
Y: Oh dear…
H: Sue me! Ha!
Y: If you’re going to hold my hand next time, wash it beforehand.
H: Haha!
You’re the one who held her hand first…
Y: Got it?
H: We’ll see~
Here comes YSP!
H: Wow~
Y: Bam-ba-bam~
H: I never saw something like this before!
Y: Me neither.
H: Wow!
Y: He just fishes them out!

Live prawns straight from the tank!
MC Park: Wow~
MC Kim: It’ll be so good.
JW: Fresh from the sea!
TO: They’re still alive.
The owner brings the basket full of live prawns
H: Woah~
TO: I’m going to knock them out now.
(banging the basket)
Y & H: You can knock them out like that?
MC Park: That’s fun.
Y: Are they knocked out now?
TO: No, not everyone.
MC Kim: Haha, not everyone.
Simultaneous standing up
(curious) (curious)
Live prawns on the bed of sea salt
H: EEeeughaaaah!
MC Park (with utmost interest): They’re so fresh, when they go all