[Trans] 110122 WGM Goguma ep41 (MountainMadman)

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Translated by MountainMadman @ soompi <3 
Starting at the 0:22 mark.

H: First of all…the weather was beautiful. And the meeting with my mother-in-law was over, which I was worried about. And now all that’s left is, to just enjoy myself.

Y: Ah, the ocean smell!

H: This ocean smell?

Y: Yeah. You don’t smell it?

H: I do, kind of.

Sub: Hyun getting excited over seeing the ocean

Y: Should we buy some snacks and herd the seagulls?

H: Seagulls? Okay.

Sub: The traditional game of any ocean trip à feeding the seagulls…

H: You’re not scared of seagulls?

Y: I’m not scared.


At the 1:00 mark.

Y: Seagulls would like shrimp crackers the best, right?

Owner: Yes, they do.

MC: It must be a present to the seagulls.

MC: Oh, shrimp crackers.

Sub: buying supplies to feed the seagulls…

Y: Yah, I finally get to step on to the white sand beach of Haewoondae.

H: I want to go down there!

Y: Just jump!

H: Let’s go!

Y: Look, it’s a seagull!

Y: Busan seagulls~ [NOTE: It’s an old Korean song.]

MC: Oh, the Busan natives should know this song.

MC: It’s the national anthem of Busan.

H: Look over there! It’s like they’re sunbathing.

Sub: Seagull flocks in the middle of tanning (?)

MC: Oh, it’s my first time seeing them up close.

H: Wow, it’s so cool.

H: Oh, they’re cute!


At the 2:00 mark. 

Y: Yahh, they’re scary!

H: What?

H: I want to go down there!

Y: Did you ever try this before?

H: No, I haven’t.

Y: Yeah, me neither.

Sub: Both of them trying it for the first time…

H: Really?

Y: Yeah. I’ve always wanted to do it.

Sub: finally going down to the beach…

Y: Hey! Galmaeg~! [NOTE:‘Galmaegi’ is seagull in Korean.]

MC: I did it there once too.

MC: With who?

MC: With…er…my 2AM brothers.

MC: They told me they had never been there. Who did you go with?

Y: Should we walk down?

H: Okay.

Y: Kids! Let’s eat!

H: Maegi, maegi! [NOTE: See above note.] They’re running away?

Sub: the seagulls not paying much attention…

Y: Hey, guys!

Sub: suddenly!

Sub: the seagulls reacting to the shrimp crackers…

MC: Oh, it’s like in that one Hitchcock movie, with the birds...

Sub: the seagulls catching everything that’s thrown at them…!


At the 3:05 mark.

MC: It’s like a horror movie.

MC: The seagull brigade…

Sub: in the middle of that…

Y: Seohyun, let’s go!

Sub: hurriedly taking care of his wife…

Sub: running away…

MC: Oh, look at that!

Sub: in the end…!

Sub: gives up the entire bag…

MC: They lost it.

Sub: barely escaping…

MC: They must’ve bought it to look romantic…

Y: I looked up, and…I really couldn’t see the sky at all. Because the seagulls, just…I was so surprised, I left Seohyun behind.

MC: He ditches Seohyun to save himself.

Y: And then I remembered, so I went back to get her.

H: Why did you throw it away? We need to get it back.


At the 4:00 mark.

H: The chips, the chips.

H: Hurry.

Sub: being led by her hand…

Sub: on their way to rescue (?) the shrimp crackers

Y: How do we get in there?

H: Do it while yelling “Wuuhhhhhh.”

Sub: Charge…!

Y: Go away!

H: Go away! Pigeons!

MC: She called them pigeons.

Y: I wonder how they smell it?

H: I know, right.

H: I think they’re going to surround us again.

Sub: trying again…

MC: A lot of them are coming again!

Sub: success!

Sub: with their luck…one more time!


At the 5:00 mark.

Sub: the seagulls flocking from the smell!

Y: Hey, run away!

MC: That looks fun!

Y: No, no, I’m not giving you any!

MC: The seagulls’ love for shrimp crackers is close to godliness

MC: When the seagulls turn angry, they take a dump.

MC: On their heads.

MC: Look at his leg!

Y: They look like kites.

MC: Not giving up, trying to feed them again…!

Y: Yeah! Okay, next!

MC: When I do that, I don’t do itlike that.

MC: How do you do it?