[Trans] 110319 WGM Goguma ep49 (MountainMadman)

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Translated by MountainMadman @ soompi <3 
Sub: after buying the cape…

H: Fur. Fur obsession.

Y: I’m not obsessed. I just like it…

Y: Which one do you like?

H: Mmm…clean ones.

MC: She likes clean, simple things.

MC: He keeps picking snake, fur…

H: I think you have weird tastes.

Y: This is all right.

H: Still…

Sub: Yong husband’s preferences (?) foreign to Hyun wife

H: Do I have a lot of chances to wear boots?

Y: I wear boots…

H: You do?

Y: Red ones.

H: Oh, I saw it, I saw.

H: Oh, these ones are cute.

Y: Cute, right?

H: Yeah.

Y: Get the pink ones.

H: Pink?

H: They’re cute.

Sub: This time (?) she likes his recommendation…

Y: Cute?

H: Yeah.

MC: She could wear those and go to the sweet potato field.

H: I want to try them.

Sub: trying on the boots he recommended…

H: Ah, something’s weird!

Sub: trying on boots for the first time thanks to Yong

H: Oh, it’s really comfortable.

Y: It’s pretty, it’s pretty.

H: Doesn’t it feel like we have to go into a swamp?

H: Okay.

Y: Okay?

Sub: decides to buy the boots

Y: We’ll take these.

Cashier: 98,000 won.

Y: Bulk payment, please.

Y: You like it?

H: Yes, I like it a lot. Thank you.

Y: Wear it when it’s snowing.

H: Okay.

Sub: Hyun wife getting brighter

H: Thank you~

Sub: finished with shoe shopping…

MC: I feel happy myself.

Sub: the spectators are also happy…

MC: Now you need to buy bags!

MC: Full set…

At the 2:00 mark.

H: It would be nice if we could look at some of your stuff.

Y: No, it’s fine.

H: We bought too much of my things.

Y: No, we need to buy more.

H: What do you mean, buy more.

Y: I’m going to borrow my mother’s card.

H: I’m hungry.

Y: Do you like dim sum?

H: Dim sum?

H: I haven’t eaten them.

Sub: Hyun wife who’s unfamiliar with dim sum

H: Are they good?

Y: Yeah, they’re like dumplings.

H: Ah, it’s hot.

Y: Give me your clothes.

MC: Today’s full service.

Sub: Yong husband delivering excellent service today

MC: For me, rather than buying shoes and stuff like that, but when I eat good stuff…

MC: Right. You feel better.

MC: I work to eat good stuff.

MC: The reason you work is to eat good stuff?

MC: Yes…

Y: When was the last time we ate out?

H: We barely did…at the rotating sushi place.

Y: It’s been a long time.

H: That’s true.

Y: In a little while, I have to leave for a schedule.

H: Huh? What schedule?

Y: A comedy program.

Sub: Yong husband who has a broadcast schedule in the evening

H: Oh, really? Then what do I do?

Y: I’ll go and come out really quickly.

H: Mmm…

Y: Do you want to wait?

At the 3:17 mark.

H: How long will it take?

Y: 30 minutes to 1 hour?

H: It doesn’t take very long.

Sub: Thankfully doesn’t take up much time…

H: Okay, fine.

Sub: relief at her agreeing to stay…

MC: The food’s out.

H: Thank you.

MC: Oh, it looks good.

H: Ok Joo-hyun unnie bought these for me.

Y: Really?

H: I’ll eat it well.

Y: Eat a lot. I’ll pay.

MC: If you eat it too fast, you’ll burn your mouth.

H: You ate it all? It must be hot…

Y: It’s hot.

Sub: looks like it fits with Hyun wife’s taste!

MC: Looks delicious. (x3)

MC: How much is that? I brought 20,000 won with me…

MC: It’s going to be hard with 20,000 won.

MC: Then I’ll have to eat it next time.

At the 4:20 mark.

Sub: the dim sum continuing to arrive

Y: Do you like the clothes?

H: Yes, I like it.

Y: You like it?

H: I like it.

Sub: wants to check on her feelings…

Y: Feeling better?

H: But still…

Y: Yeah…I know…

Y: You shouldn’t feel better with only this, right?

H: Well, that…a little…

H: It’s like it’s in different rooms.

Y: Huh?

H: That feeling and this feeling are in different rooms.

Y: I know…

MC: Even though he did all that, she’s still upset.

MC: The scarf room and the shopping room are separate.

H: But thank you for trying.

Y: It’s okay…

At the 5:14 mark.

H: To use an analogy…I have a horrible headache. So Yong husband brought a lot of medicine. But he brought cough medicine, eye drops, bandages…of course I’m thankful for bringing the medicine, but I have a headache. But he didn’t bring any fever reducer, and just brought things that have nothing to do at all with headaches. 

MC: Oh, her analogy is perfect.

Y: I don’t know where it’s going into.

H: Did you go to Myungdong very often?

Y: Not often.

H: When did you come?

Y: When I was filming “You’re Beautiful”.

H: Oh, I know what you’re talking about.

Sub: Yong husband’s debut, the drama “You’re Beautiful”

Y: Hey, Go Minam. There’s something I really want to tell you.

PSH: What do you want to tell me?

Y: Turn around a little bit from where you are now.

At the 6:07 mark.

Sub: Yong husband when he was a milk boy (?)

Y: If you make a left turn…

H: “It’s there.”

Sub: Hyun wife getting into the drama play

Y: Should we go out to Myungdong?

H: Go outside?

Y: Take a stroll.

H: Okay.

Y: Should we go?

H: Let’s go.

Sub: the sky getting dark

Y: Wow.

H: Wow.

Sub: the two people out on the streets of Myungdong

Sub: the brightly lit night of Myungdong

MC: In our time, Myungdong was a place for dates and meeting with friends.

MC: I heard that you were a Myungdong regular.

Y: Wow, this isn’t a joke.

Sub: feeling excited going out on the streets…

Y: Yahh, this is where I was catching Minam.

Y: “Just take one more step…”

H: You ended up losing her.

Sub: losing her right in front of him…

Y: This is how you should do it.

Sub: reenacting the drama in the middle of the street…

H: Gloves!

At the 7:22 mark.

Y: Huh?

H: Let’s buy gloves.

Sub: picking gloves at an open-air shop…

Y: Try this color.

H: I’ll pay!

Y: Really?

Y: Aren’t earmuffs pretty uncomfortable?

Sub: this time, picking earmuffs…

H: But they’re really warm.

Y: Really?

H: White!

Y: Ah, they’ll get dirty.

H: White is pretty, though.

H: The black one…

Y: Is it too roasted chestnut-style?

MC: He’s cute~

Sub: trying it on Hyun

Y: Look at the mirror.

H: I think this is the best one.

MC: couple earmuffs?

Sub: buying couple earmuffs!

H: You’ll treat it preciously, right?

Y: Of course I will.

H: I’ll pay.

H: Thank you!

Y: Thank you.

Sub: Hyun also pays for the earmuffs!

At the 8:28 mark.

Sub: Yong husband porch sign!!

H: You’re over there!

Y: Hello!

H: Who is that?

Y: I’m seeing this for the first time!

H: It’s funny.

H: Wow, it’s so amazing.

Sub: finishing the Myungdong street date

Y: Time went by really fast, I don’t think we did much apart from buy clothes.

H: I know.

H: People usually go to Myungdong with friends. I was always jealous of them.

Sub: the streetlights scattered across the winter night

H: Oh, so beautiful.

H: Oh, it’s a skating rink!

Sub: street illuminated like it’s snowing

Sub: skating rink at the City Hall plaza!!


Part 2.

H: Wow. It’s really pretty.

H: Do you want to skate after you’re done?

Y: At Yeouido? Do you want to?

H: I want to.

Y: Okay.

Sub: gladly agreeing for his wife

Y: If we fall, it’s going to be a big deal.

Sub: deciding on their last date course for the day…

H: Thank you.

Y: Don’t say that, I was the one that screwed up…

H: Then…go with your earmuffs.

Y: When?

H: Now.

Y: To the broadcast?

H: Yes. It’s a mission.

Sub: giving a mission to wear the earmuffs during broadcast…

Y: I’ll hang it on my neck.

H: Okay.

Y: It’s going to be funny.

Sub: practicing (?) in advance…

MC: It’s cute.

Sub: arriving near the broadcast station!

Sub: leaving the car to wait for her husband…

H: Hmmm~ it’s pretty.

Sub: the promised 30 minutes have passed…

Sub: the husband’s broadcast is being delayed

Comedian: I heard that CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa is here today…

Comedian: do you know why Seohyun can’t speak informally toyou?

Comedian: it’s because your face is too old.

Sub: Hyun wife’s waiting becomes longer…

Sub: Yong husband finally finishes

At the 1:44 mark.

Y: Seohyun.

H: Where are you?

MC: She must’ve waited for a while.

Y: I just finished. There were a lot of delays.

Y: Seohyun!

H: Ohh…why did you finish so late?

Y: Kept getting pushed back…I’m sorry.

Y: Sorry, sorry…

H: It’s okay…

Y: It was hard, right?

H: It’s fine.

Y: Sorry.

Sub: only sorrowful things keep happening today

Sub: will he able to make her feel better at the skatingrink

Sub: YongSeo finally arriving at the skating rink<