[Trans] 110326 WGM Goguma ep50 (DDuk)

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Translated by DDuk @ soompi <3

Part 1/4
Y: The last mission…
[yongseo couple’s given last mission]
Y: This is the last mission… Last mission
[Even to Seohyun…]
[give your husband the happiest day as a present]
Y: Give your wife the happiest day?
[Give your wife a happiest day for a present]
[The Last, first story Pt. 1]
[after receiving the mission, a few days later]
[the morning of the yongseo couple’s last day]
Y: tada
S: Oh, right! Today is white day!
Y: White day.
S: Oh, thank you so much!
[because today is white day…]
[White day candy present]
S: looks tasty, Thank you. Look at this!
[what did hyun wife find out?]
[inside me is you]
Y: inside me is you.
[lost in the candy]
S: Looks tasty. I’ll save it and eat it later.
Y: Hey, did you see the mission card?
[last day mission card…]
S: Let’s have a good time today.
Y: I’m going to cry.
S: I’m not going to cry.
Y: Is it fun? You can laugh about this?
[really,… a pleasant last day]
Y: Ah, to think that this is the last time I’m going to lay down here.
S: Do you want to lay down for a bit?
[laying down ]
Y: I have to do this…
[yong’s playful foot]
S: It feels that I have to shred yam…
S: This little…
Y: what did you say?
Y: Oh right, Seohyun.
[Yong husband suddenly has a thought.]
Y: If we are going to go and have fun then we will need money.
[To have a fun day, they need to have this…]
S: You’re right.
Y: From our savings account…
S: Saving account? We had something like that?
Y: Why are you like that….?
S: what is that?
[is it because it was so long that she doesn’t remember the couple savings account?]
Y: from a while back…
MC: Oh my gosh, does she not remember?
Y: When we watched Avatar.
S: When we watched Avatar.
MC: Oh Seohyun – sshi!
[ 1year ago Yongseo couple making a couple’s savings account]
Bank assistant: Pleas come again!
Y: I’ll come back when I need the money.
[can’t be serious]
Y: Don’t act like you don’t know… I know everything.
S: No really!
Y: You’re acting like you don’t know!
S: What do you mean?
Y: Don’t act Seo JuHyun. This is it…
S: OH! It’s real!
[brings out the savings account book]
[yonghwa, seohyun couple savings account]
S: Oh it’s real! Oh! Now I remember!
[what is this…]
Y: Don’t lie to me. Don’t act Seo Juhyun.
[is Hyun wife acting?]
S: I don’t remember it.
S: Of course I remember it. How would I not remember it?
[why did you say that you don’t remember the bank account?]
S: if I said that I did remember he would think that I would have deposited a lot. That isn’t the case!.
[how much would be in the savings deposit?]
S: It’s been a while since the weather is actually nice]
Y: Ah, you’re right. Let’s go and catch the bus, the bus.
S: Oh~ oppa, you still didn’t get your driver’s license?
Y: Oh man, when do I have time to get it?
[the husband still without license?]
[just then!]
[takes out a car key?]
S: What is this!?
[a red sports car?]
MC: Oh he got it!?
Y: Oh I didn’t have time to get a license.
JS: Yes, he got his license.
MH: Yes, he got it.
[congratulations ]
MC: the whole nation is happy because Jung Yonghwa got his license.
MC: what makes this even better is that he did it even thought it was really hard. How many times did he fail…
S: Oppa!
Y: get in!
S: I don’t want to die though!
Y: What!? Die…?!
S: You can’t drive without a license!
Y: What do you mean without license? I am a person who acquired it undoubtedly in this nation.
S: You got it?!
Y: yeah, get it.
Y: Seohyun shi, shall we go?
[laser eyed specialist]
S: When did you get your license?
[got it last time…!?]
MC: So he didn’t tell her because he wanted to surprise her.
S: SEAT BELT! SEAT BELT! This person!...
[oh right…]
S: Since when did you get your license that you forgot about that?
[let’s go!]
[Yongseo couple’s first drive]
Y: shall we go?
S: let’s go.
Y: Finally, I can drive.
S: wow. It really is like a dream.
[Yongseo drive that was drawn from a dream]
MC: this couple always walked around.
MC: So apparently girls like guys who have cars.
MC: I want to meet a guy who has a car.
MC: I have a car.
MC: Has a car and is good looking.
MC: oh really? I only have a car.
[look inside my wallet]
S: It’s the picture from that time.
[wanted to show off his license]
MC: Oh he is showing his license.
MC: oh it’s that picture, that picture
S: Wow, it’s surreal.
Y: I should have brought you to your college.
[yong husband wanted to drive her to her college]
[while hyun wife is having fun… yong husband is…]
[fully concentrated]
MC: his mouth… is opening….
[the driver who has keeps his mouth wide open.]
MC: When he drives, does he usually open his mouth?
[the drive became serious]
JS: Yes, he does that.
[all they need to do now is park]
S: be careful not to scratch others.
[the mouth has widened]
MC: His mouth….
MC: He can’t even speak.
[now all he needs to do is reverse park]
[only looking at the back]
MC: He isn’t looking the other way.
[fully forgot his wife was there]
MC: His mouth is still wide open.
MC: To look cool, the guy has to do this in one go.
[roughly parking]
[still has his mouth open]
MC: Oh his tires are still out.
[front tires are out]
MC: He will have to get out and see it and then he has to get back in.
[opening the door to check his parking]
Y: Oh! The tires! The tires are out.
Y: I’ll just change the tires and come back out.
MC: See, Look…
S: Oh the weather is nice.
Y: Let’s go Seohyun.
Y: OH I almost parked horribly!
Y: what about the savings account…
[till now, Yongseo couple who has a account]
S: I really didn’t.. I’ll believe in you.
[slightly worried about not doing a lot]
[first going to the ATM]
S: You have to put it in like that?
[what is the balance of the savings account?]
MC: I wonder how much is in there.