[Trans] 110402 WGM Goguma ep51 (MountainMadman)

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Translated by MountainMadman @ soompi <3 
Y: Ah, this place…really…we were holding the umbrella.

H: That’s right.

MC: That looks like Sindang-dong.

MC: Ahh, where they first came together and ate ddukbokki.

H: “Even Your Wife Won’t Know”…right? [NOTE: This is probably a reference to the name of the restaurant, which in turn is a reference to a Korean idiom about when the food is so delicious that you wouldn’t even know if your wife died.]

At the 1:00 mark.

Y: Yahhh…really…how long has it been?

H: I know.

Y: Give us the 2-person set.

Y: We’re not…we’re not comfortable with each other yet. Instead of being married right away, how about being a preparatory couple?

H: It’s a good idea.

Y: You think so?

H: Yes…

Y: Okay, we’ll do that then.

H: It’s like going back in time.

Y: It’s the same.

MC: We’re more confused right now than the actual couple.

Y: Why aren’t you using banmal?

H: Oh, right.

H: I’ll…I’ll eat it well.

Y: “I’ll eat it well.”

H: Eat well.

Y: Is it done? [NOTE: Referring to the food.]

H: I think…it’s done.

MC: She’s still not familiar with banmal.

Y: You’re eating well.

H: It’s good.

Y: Back then…you couldn’t even eat it in one bite.

MC: That’s right! We talked about that!

Y: You changed.

MC: How could the ddukbokki fit in that mouth…that’s how small it was.

At the 2:00 mark.

MC: It means she’s comfortable.

MC: It’s the difference between a miss and a missus, right?

Y: This is what it tasted like.

H: It’s the same taste.

MC: They’re just eating.

MC: They eat so well.

MC: That’s called eating with an appetite.

Y: It’s really good.

H: It’s good, really.

H: Isn’t it awkward to speak banmal for you?

Y: No, I’m fine.

Y: You speak banmal fine to Jinwoon and friends, but why can’t you do it to me?

H: Mmm…you were upset about that?

Y: Right.

MC: She also speaks banmal with Jungshin and Minhyuk.

H: But I’m much closer to you than them…you know that, right?

MC: “You know that, right?”

MC: He’s inhaling much too quickly.

H: We’re really a long-lived couple.

Y: We did everything that normal couples don’t get to do.

Y: We played badminton, and things like that.

H: And the duet stage. And composed a song.

At the 3:00 mark.

Y: Let’s do something like this. To figure out how much we know about each other…

Y: If you don’t know…

H: I might not know.

Y: …a hit to the forehead.

H: Ah, I don’t like it.

Y: Why not?

H: Because I don’t like hitting people.

MC: She’s not thinking about getting hit herself.

H: Should we write it on here? What should we write?

H: Number one. During our 200th day anniversary,Yong did something but Hyun didn’t figure it out. What is it?

MC: What is it?

Y: What can it be?

Y: What is it?

H: Ah, what…

Y: What, what?

H: You have to answer it.

Y: I don’t know, I don’t know.

H: This one was a little hard.

Y: What is it?

H: The 200th day badge…you put it on your guitar during the performance.

At the 4:00 mark.

MC: Ahhh, that’s right.

Y: That’s really hard.

MC: Didn’t she say she didn’t like hitting people?

Y: You’re scary.

H: Well…next question. Each of us should do one at a time.

Y: Mine’s too weak.

Y: What did you receive after the blood donation?

H: After the blood donation? 

H: Ah, the bookstore gift certificate.

MC: Correct. The question’s too easy.

H: Am I right?

Y: You’re right. 

H: What action does Hyun dislike the most?

Y: Ah! Mildang.

H: Ohh…correct.

Y: It’s right?

H: It’s right.

Y: The present that I was most touched by?

H: It’s one?

Y: One.

MC: The scarf, the scarf.

MC: Banmal song.

H: Mmm…when I sang to you?

Y: What song?

H: Love Light.

MC: It must’ve been right!

At the 5:00 mark.

Y: It’s right, but I want to change the answer.

H: Ah, what? Why, what do you want to change it to?

MC: At the fishing trip, she sang a song for him.

MC: Right.

Y: How did you know? Do you know everything I’m thinking about?

H: Come here. You have to get hit once.

Y: Why?

H: You missed a question.

Y: When did I do that?

H: Question number one.

Y: When did I miss the first question…

H: You gave up on it.

H: I’m going to hit really hard.Should I?

Y: Ah, I hate this so much. Wait.I really hate this feeling…

H: I don’t really like hitting theface…